EU agrees with UN on need for legal basis for elections in Libya

The positions of several European countries have agreed with the calls of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya, regarding the establishment of a legal framework for holding Libyan elections on schedule.

The Special Envoy of the Italian Foreign Minister to Libya, Nicola Orlando, called on Twitter to make renewed efforts to ensure the holding of comprehensive and credible, free and fair parliamentary and presidential elections on December 24th.

Orlando stressed the need for “the election process to be in line with the road map, and United Nations Security Council Resolutions 2570 and 2571.”

Meanwhile, Director of Middle East and North Africa Affairs at the German Foreign Ministry, Christian Bock, stressed in his tweet on Sunday that “only a comprehensive legal framework will pave the way for a credible and comprehensive electoral process in Libya,” expressing his support for the statement of the United Nations mission, which respects the principle of holding simultaneous presidential and parliamentary elections in Libya on December 24.

While the British Embassy in Tripoli, in a tweet, also praised the importance of a comprehensive legal framework to pave the way for free, fair and credible elections on December 24, adding that it “strongly supports the work of the High National Elections Commission in this regard.”

The United Nations Support Mission in Libya had previously confirmed that the comprehensive legal framework is the only factor in paving the way for comprehensive and credible elections, taking into account respect for the principle of simultaneous presidential and parliamentary elections on time.

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