Libya wants to use Tunisian expertise in media coverage of elections

A delegation from the Ministry of Communication and Political Affairs held talks with the Council of the Independent High Authority for Audiovisual Communication in Tunisia; on the mechanisms of cooperation on developing a system for monitoring and following up the work of Libyan media during elections.

The delegation of the Ministry of Communication included the two advisers to the Minister of Communication, Basem Al-Arfi and Munir Al-Qaoud.

The meeting concluded a preliminary agreement on four aspects, starting with coordination to conclude an agreement to establish a Libyan monitoring unit that will begin its work by monitoring the electoral campaign in audio-visual methods.

The two parties also agreed to support the necessary means for receiving and storing radio and television programs, to organize training courses for the supervisors of the monitoring unit’s work, and to train Libyan journalists on the criticality of media coverage during elections.

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