AFRICOM to 218News: Withdrawal of all foreign forces from Libya is major step toward stability

The US Military Forces in Africa Command, AFRICOM, said Wednesday that it supports a political solution in Libya, and the expulsion of all foreign forces and foreign fighters, as a major step towards the stability of the country.

An official of the media office of AFRICOM in North Africa, Barda Azari, renewed in a statement to “218News” their endorsement of the US Department of State’s efforts to support and ensure the holding of the December 24 presidential and parliamentary elections.

About the terrorist organization “ISIS” publishing pictures of its members in the Libyan desert in mid-October; AFRICOM confirmed that they will continue to work to weaken the ability of the terrorist organizations “ISIS” and al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb in Libya, explaining that their danger does not only pose a threat to regional security, but also affects the United States and Europe.

With the start of the High National Elections Commission, to accept applications for candidacy for the presidential and parliamentary elections, and with the support of all international parties involved in the Libyan issue, to hold the elections on their scheduled date; a new escalation against the elections emerged, led by the Head of the High Council of State, Khaled Al-Mashri, in which he urged not to participate, and to demonstrate and sit in front of the headquarters of the Electoral Commission, the United Nations mission and the House of Representatives, to denounce the holding of the December elections.

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