Observatory: 150 of pro-Turkey Syrian mercenaries return home without replacement

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights stated that a batch of fighters consisted of 140 mercenaries loyal to Turkey left Libyan territory back to Syria on Turkish planes on Tuesday.

The mercenaries follow the factions of the “Sultan Murad Division,” the “Hamza Division,” and other factions as well, and they left Libya without sending a replacement until this moment, according to the Observatory sources.

In early November, 150 mercenaries returned to Syrian territory, most of them from the Suleiman Shah faction known as “Amshat” and “Filaq al-Majd”, and they were replaced by 150 other mercenaries, unlike the current batch.

The Observatory added that hundreds of mercenaries are waiting to be allowed to travel on vacations to Syria, and in return, hundreds are waiting to be sent to Libya, without knowing the reasons for stopping the mercenary exchange process.

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