218News reveals details of “Mitiga Airport meeting”

A source revealed to “218News” the most important discussions of the meeting chaired by the US Ambassador to Libya Richard Norland with a number of presidential candidates in the VIP hall at Mitiga International Airport in the city of Tripoli on Wednesday.

The beginning with Al-Sayeh alone 

The source stated that Richard Norland initially met with the Head of the High National Elections Commission, Emad Al-Sayeh, for about two hours, during which they discussed the latest challenges of the electoral process and the recent escalation against the commission and the closure of a number of its offices.

Consultations with Presidential Council and candidates

After Al-Sayeh had left, Norland met with the Deputy Head of the Presidential Council, Mossa Al-Koni for about an hour.

The source added that after Norland and Al-Koni’s meeting ended, all the invitees entered the VIP hall to meet with Norland, but three guests were absent, among them Al-Sharif Al-Wafi and Mohammed Al-Sharif.

Impact of accepting Saif Gaddafi’s candidacy

The source indicated that Nolarand’s meeting with the candidates also included the ambassadors of Italy, France and the United Kingdom to Libya, accompanied by their special advisors, where they exchanged views on the conduct of the electoral process, and the majority agreed on rejecting the candidacy of Saif al-Islam Gaddafi and Khalifa Haftar, and they also discussed the consequences of whether their files were rejected by the High National Elections Commission, and what will be the fate of the commission’s offices and electoral centers in the eastern and southern regions, especially since these two parties have a popular base there.

The Jews issue on the table

The candidates were allowed to give a speech, each separately, to speak to the audience, where Laila Ben Khalifa spoke about the Libyan Jews, as she literally demanded the return of the Jews to Libya to participate in the political process, adding: “We have wronged them and took away their rights since 1969 and we have to return them.”

In his interview with “218News”, the source indicated that all attendees, especially the candidates, did not comment on Leila bin Khalifa’s speech, either negatively or positively.

On the other hand, the source confirmed that the British ambassador to Libya rejected the candidacy of Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, and her speech came after the end of a meeting of the advisors of the ambassadors present.

Some candidates also talked about the possibility of forming alliances that can be summarized in propaganda and support for the removal of specific candidates.

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