Audit Bureau warns Dbeibah not to go through with Hess, Total deal

The Audit Bureau called on the head of the unity government, Abdel Hamid al-Dabaiba, to stop any procedures related to passing the deal of the American company Hess, in the 8% concession of the Oasis, which is to be sold to Total.

In its letter to Prime Minister Abdel Dabaiba, the Bureau considered the sale of Hess’s stake as a waiver of Libya’s right, stressing the need to provide it with all documents related to the deal.

The Ministry of Oil and Gas had previously warned Dabaiba against acting alone in the concession of the American company “Hess” for the benefit of “Total”, instead of investing it in Libyan institutions, describing the move as “wasting the wealth of the Libyans.”

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