UNSMIL welcomes meeting of Al-Haddad and Al-Nadori

The United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) welcomed the meeting on Saturday that took place in Sirte between Lieutenant-General Mohammad Al-Haddad and Lieutenant-General Abdulraziq Al-Nadori.

UNSMIL encouraged all parties in Libya to take more tangible steps towards unifying state institutions, including the military and security institutions.

After this first meeting of its kind, Al-Nadori confirmed that they had agreed to unify the military institution without external interference, pointing our that they are waiting for the members of the 5+5 Joint Military Commission to return to enter successive meetings on the agreement.

Al-Nadori pointed out that the army did not object to building a civil state and the speed of its implementation, pointing out that it is far from political conflicts, stressing at the same time the army’s mission to protect the constitution and the political process.

The meeting was welcomed by the Vice-President of the Presidential Council, Mossa Al-Koni and Abdullah Al-Lafi. Al-Koni considered the first meeting the most important step in the various current political events, while Al-Lafi described it as a positive step towards the project of building the new Libyan state and its unified army.

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