Calshes between two military factions in Sabha

Armed clashes erupted in the city of Sabha between two military factions, one affiliated with the Libyan National Army, and the other with a military battalion affiliated with the Government of National Unity.

According to sources from inside the city, the forces of the “116” battalion, affiliated with the government, are under the command of Masoud Al-Jadi; tried to storm the headquarters of Military Intelligence and other sites under the control of the LNA forces; so clashes broke between the two parties.

Other sources from inside the city revealed that the clashes erupted because the LNA forces confiscated cars belonging to the Sabha Security Directorate, and transferred them to Brak al-Shati base.

The clashes, in which medium and heavy weapons were used, caused displacement from the Al-Qardah area, in light of the continuation of skirmishes and the exchange of accusations leveled by each side against the other.

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