Triggered by money conflict: Tripoli’s Hadba Project area sees armed crashes

In the early hours of Thursday morning, the city of Tripoli witnessed clashes between groups affiliated with the 301st Brigade, under the command of Abd al-Salam al-Zobi, and others affiliated with the Stabilization Support Service, led by Abdel Al-Ghani Al-Kikli.

Social media activists posted videos from near the site of the clashes, showing sounds of shooting in the area between Hamza camp and the “Al-Farahit Gas Station” in the Hadaba project area.

The leader of the Volcano of Rage Forces, Ashraf Mami, had hinted before the outbreak of the clashes that money had been distributed by the government to the leaders of the armed groups involved in the recent security tension in the capital. However, there was a dispute over the allocated sums.

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