HoR Speaker opens door for candidates for a Sirte-based mini-government

A source told “218News” that Parliament Speaker Aguila Saleh will open the door for candidacy to head a new mini-government on Tuesday.

The source added, “218News” that the city of Sirte will be the headquarters of the new mini-government.

Meanwhile, local officials and external parties had previously expected one of two scenarios, either to maintain the Dabaiba government or to form a new government, while a wise step came today to cancel the two scenarios by opening the door for candidacy to form the mini-government.

It is worth noting that the work of the Parliament session started Monday to hear the Road Map Committee, chaired by Parliament Speaker Aqila Saleh and in the presence of the First Deputy Speaker Fawzi Al-Nuwairi and the Second Deputy Speaker, Ahmid Houma.

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