Statement urges cancellation of Libya-Italy MoU over violations against migrants

A statement signed by more than 170 organizations and people, including State Watch, called on the Italian government to “cancel the memorandum of understanding concluded with Libya; given their role in facilitating exploitative practices that include violence and crimes against humanity.”

The statement indicated that the system, which was established based on the signing of the “Italian-Libyan” memorandum, did not lead to any significant improvements in the Libyan situation, but on the contrary; it had demonstrated the impossibility of ensuring effective protection for migrants stranded in Libya.

With financial and political support from the European Union, the “Italian-Libyan” Memorandum of Understanding defines aspects of cooperation between the two countries, and at the same time, the Memorandum of Understanding does not in any way prevent violations of migrants’ rights committed in the country, but indirectly creates the atmosphere for more inhumane practices.

The statement emphasized that despite the complexity of the scene in Libya; it is necessary to strongly denounce the Italian and European cooperation with the Libyan authorities, in particular the Italian-Libyan Memorandum of Understanding, which prevented migrants from leaving, and perpetuated practices of exploitation of migrants residing in the country.

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