Libyan House of Representatives unanimously approves new roadmap

The House of Representatives’ (HoR) Monday session witnessed a vote on the draft decision of the road map committee and the vote was unanimous after Speaker Aqila Saleh announced the provisions of the “draft resolution” to the members.

The first article of the draft resolution stipulated the adoption of the road map submitted by the committee so that the electoral process would take place within 14 months from the date of the constitutional amendment, while it recommended in the second article that “the road map committee should consult with the High Council of State’s Committee to present the final version on the constitutional amendment, including a precise definition of the materials required to achieve elections within a framework not exceeding the time specified in the first article of the draft resolution, provided that this is done within a maximum period of one week in conjunction with granting confidence to the government.

The third article also confirmed that after listening to the draft of the candidates for prime minister, the Presidency of HoR will refer the names of the candidates to the High Council of State to submit the required recommendations regarding them, provided that the vote to choose one of the candidates will take place in the Thursday session on February 10.

The decision concluded, in its fourth article, that the Road Map Committee must submit its final report on the rest of the tracks, within a month of its date.

Monday’s session witnessed that the two candidates “Fatehi Bashagha” and “Ammar Al-Bibas” fulfilled the conditions for candidacy for prime minister, and the rest of the applications did not meet the conditions for candidacy.

It’s noteworthy that the number of names of those who applied for candidacy amounted to seven: “Marwan Omeish”, “Hamad Al-Senussi”, “Hussein Issa Al-Sharif”, “Mohammed Miftah Masoud” and “Ahmed Maitiq”, in addition to Bashagha and Al-Bibas.

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