Bashagha: My government’s vision will focus on elections’ preparation and reconciliation

The candidate for the position of Libya prime minister, Fathi Bashagha, has reaffirmed that “his program will focus on preparing for elections and reconciliation, outlining his vision of foreign policies, defense and security, public finance reform, providing government services, and achieving community development.

Bashagha added in a video statement on social media that his government will accommodate everyone, saying that his government cannot be operating for the sake of only one person, one group, one city or one region, hailing the role of the House of Representatives, which gave him the opportunity to announce his candidacy.

It is worth mentioning that Bashagha has presented his candidacy for the position of the head of the government, which the House of Representatives intends to vote on next Thursday’s session within the framework of a consensus with the High Council of State. This step includes passing a constitutional amendment and a roadmap that ends with general elections.

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