Di Maio says Italy is doubling up its efforts in the Libyan file

The Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio confirmed that his country continues to step up its intensive efforts in the Libyan file based on the fact that security in the Mediterranean, Libyan stability and respect for human rights, are among its most important priorities.

Commenting on Pope Francis’ speech on Italian television, on Sunday, when he compared migrant detention centers in Libya to Nazi concentration camps, and called on the European Union to deal with the migration crisis in a consensual manner, Di Maio stressed that Rome sees the need to address the continuing violations of human rights in Libya.

“We keep this goal in mind and focus on achieving it, but we will not be able to overcome this challenge unless we adhere to the utmost degree of unity, as we need the support of the European Union and the support of all international partners.” He added.

Di Maio’s comments came after the end of his talks with UN Adviser Stephanie Williams in Rome. The conversation touched upon the latest developments in the Libyan political process.

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