Al-Mashri backtracks on consensus with HoR, as signs of division surface

The Head of the High Council of State, Khaled Al-Mashri, issued a statement saying the parliament’s decision to assign a prime minister before holding an official session of the High Council of State and deciding on this matter is an incorrect procedure, adding that this does not help build bridges of confidence between the two councils.”

This statement comes days after Fathi Bashagha was nominated by the House of Representatives to form the government, after being recommended by a number of members of the High Council of State.

On Tuesday, a statement was issued by members of the High Council of State opposing consensus with Parliament on the constitutional amendment. The members who signed the statement rejected the decision to withdraw confidence from the Dabaiba government.

Al-Mashri’s recent statement reflects the state of division that has become clear in the High Council of State, with 75 members supporting the assignment of Fathi Bashagha to form a new government, and 54 others supporting the continuation of the current prime minister, Dbeibah.

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