Libyan and foreign mediation efforts to bridge the gap between Dbeibah and Bashagha

The Director-General of the Economic and Social Development Council and the Head of the Libyan National Action Party, Mahmoud Al-Futisi, said that there are ongoing internal and external mediations aimed at finding a compromise and ending the crisis between Dbeibah and Bashagha.

Al-Futisi added in a statement to the “Arabi 21” website that the Council of Notables and Elders of the Misurata Municipality is seeking to bring the two sides closer in this direction, after meeting with the two parties, noting that there is a Turkish invitation for Dbeibah and Bashagha to meet in Ankara.

Al-Futisi stressed that the only and main loser from the parliament’s decision is Fathi Bashagha because he lost a lot of his popular base, pointing out that the situation now says that Dbeibah is stronger than his rival.

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