Dbeibah and Al-Hemidi named in secret bank accounts’ list at Credit Suisse

The German newspaper, “Süddeutsche Zeitung”, revealed secret accounts in a Swiss bank owned by Ali Al-Dabaiba and Khaled Al-Khowildi Al-Hamidi, among more than 30,000 accounts for which the newspaper published an extensive analysis.

Among the 30,000 clients, the Foreign Investment Fund appeared among the holders of leaked secret accounts from Credit Suisse.

The German newspaper, which published the leaks, relied on data from the two mentioned persons, saying that Dbeibah, who was a powerful official during the Gaddafi era, accused of embezzling billions of dollars during his tenure as head of the Administrative Centers Development Authority; owns at least one account and it was open until August 2012.

According to the analysis by the radio stations “NDR”, “WDR”, “The Guardian”, “Le Monde” and “The New York Times”; the joint account held by Dabaiba and a Costa Rican company has reached a maximum balance of more than 18 million Swiss francs.

The newspaper added that the European Council imposed sanctions on the administrative centers development apparatus during the February revolution, and Ali and Abdel Hamid, who became prime minister in 2021, were placed on the list of officials during the Gaddafi era whose assets must be frozen.

At least four members of the Dabaiba family and his business associates had accounts in the bank, some of which were open for several years afterward, the newspaper said.

With regard to Khaled Al-Khuwaildi, the son of Lieutenant-General Al-Khuwaildi, an officer close to Muammar Gaddafi; the analysis revealed that the value of his account exceeded 300,000 Swiss francs.

The newspaper pointed out that Al-Hamidi, who headed the International Organization for Peace, Care and Relief; appeared as a defender of Gaddafi and his father, Al-Khuwailidi, who are accused of human rights violations and corruption.

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