Report: Dispute by Russia and US over future of Williams in Libya

The French “Africa Intelligence” website revealed, in a report, a dispute between Moscow and Washington over the future of the special adviser to the United Nations Secretary-General in Libya, Stephanie Williams, as Russia is pressing for her departure and the United States is seeking to keep her in her position.

Since her appointment, Williams has sought to end the state of division in Libya through her meetings with all the political actors, which led to her being accused several times of siding with a particular party.

The report indicated that Paris also has reservations about Williams’ continuation, while Washington and London want her to stay, as the United States does not rule out Williams’ proposal for a special envoy, even if it collides with the Russian veto.

Africa Intelligence also reported names to possibly succeed Williams, including a German figure and a former minister in Ghana, noting that informal discussions are going well at the United Nations to determine the future of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya and that of Williams.

The report indicated that the appointment of Williams by Secretary-General Antonio Guterres last December is considered a maneuver due to the lack of consensus required in the Security Council to appoint a special envoy to Libya.

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