Joint statement by the West threatens sanctions and supports UNSMIL’s proposal

Five Western states concerned with the Libyan crisis have expressed their concern over recent reports of violence, threats of violence, intimidation and kidnapping, in an implicit reference to the detention of ministers in the Libyan government and the threat to members of the House of Representatives, calling on all actors in Libya to refrain from actions that could undermine stability.

France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States of America affirmed, in a statement issued on Friday, that they are ready to hold accountable those who threaten stability with violence or incitement from entities or individuals inside or outside Libya, through the Security Council’s sanctions committee, stressing that any dispute over the future of the political process must be resolved without resorting to violence.

The statement expressed its support for the mediation efforts made by the United Nations through the United Nations Adviser and the United Nations Support Mission in Libya, to maintain the peaceful transition of the country, to facilitate dialogue between political, security and economic actors, and to maintain their focus on holding credible, transparent and inclusive presidential and parliamentary elections as soon as possible.

The statement called on the House of Representatives and the High Council of State, to cooperate fully with international efforts as proposed by the United Nations, in order to lay a consensual constitutional basis that would lead to presidential and parliamentary elections as soon as possible, renewing their readiness to work with Libya and all international partners to support Libya’s stability.

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