Bashagha: Dbiebah’s remaining in office won’t hinder my work as PM

Libyan Prime Minister Fathi Bashagha told the Financial Times this week that he intends to move to the capital in the most “peaceful way possible”, insisting that his government will not get involved in “any violence or conflict.”

Bashagha added that his government will arrive in Tripoli in the next few days, and there will be no other parallel government. He pointed out that the reason for not entering Tripoli so far is to avoid the danger of conflict.

Bashagha emphasized that he has communicated with the forces on the ground and the political elite to avoid confrontation. He also indicated that the experiences of the representatives’ vote for the United Nations have been clarified, stressing that his goal is to lead the country to parliamentary and presidential elections, adding that the stay of the Prime Minister of the Unity Government, Abdel Hamid al-Dabaiba in the Prime Minister’s office in the capital will not prevent him from exercising his duties as head of the Libyan government from elsewhere. in the capital.

The charged atmosphere continues in the capital, Tripoli, amid military mobilizations that increased recently by supporters of both Bashagha and Dabaiba, at a time when observers believe that any attempt to resort to violence will push Libya into a cycle of fighting and division again.

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