Libyan oil is back to square one as a pressure card amid power fighting

Oil has returned to play a very important pressure card as much as it is extremely dangerous within the current Libyan conflict, and this time between two governments that are quarreling with legitimacy and the right to control the Oil Crescent.

Observers favor Bashagha in the game of oil and influence, in reference to the presence of the vast majority of Libyan oil wealth through the fields and ports in the areas controlled by the Libyan National Army, which are areas of influence for the House of Representatives with the residents of the tribes whose cities lie in the middle of the oil crescent, and the fear of international leaders of closing oil facilities as it happened before many times.

It should be noted that two years ago, social components of the army’s supporters closed the oil crescent region with its fields, ports, and other oil facilities in the east and south of the country because of a disagreement with the Presidential Council of the Government of National Accord, at the time, and the closure lasted for eight months before oil returned to flowing after an agreement with the previous president, and this is what Libyan and foreign parties fear to repeat today as a result of the current crisis, especially with the turmoil witnessed by the world economy in light of the war crisis between Ukraine and Russia.

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