Newspaper: Egypt expresses reservations on US proposals to resolve issue between Bashagha and Dbiebah

Al-Araby Al-Jadeed (The New Arab) newspaper revealed proposals made by the US ambassador to Libya, Richard Norland, during his meeting with Egyptian officials in Cairo, in addition to another proposal that presents a compromise formula that includes a participatory government between Dabaiba and Bashagha.

The New Arab added that another American proposal includes the continuation of the unity government until the completion of the presidential elections in Libya within a short and specific period of time, provided that Dabaiba does not run for the presidency during the upcoming elections, in exchange for Bashagha taking a step backwards to run for the presidential elections with the support of international consensus.

It pointed out that these proposals were met with reservations by the Egyptian side, which adheres to the support of Bashagha as the legitimate head of a Libyan government that should assume duties as soon as possible.

The newspaper confirmed that Bashagha visited Cairo in which he discussed with Egyptian officials arranging a meeting between him and Dabaiba, with international mediation from the UN envoy Stephanie Williams, and the US ambassador to Libya, pointing out that Cairo does not oppose holding the meeting, provided that the Prime Minister-designate does not make any commitments during it. Provided that it is a session that will survey the positions only.

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