Bashagha and Dbiebah in a race to win the loyalty of armed factions

An informed source told 218News that the Prime Minister of the National Unity Government, Abdel Hamid al-Dabaiba, had lavished funds on a number of leaders of armed factions, promising them more money if he was guaranteed to remain prime minister in the next stage.

While Libyan Prime Minister, Fathi Bashagha, appears, through his communication with the inside and outside parties, to be insisting on taking over his duties after winning the confidence of the House of Representatives two weeks ago, which prompted him, his advisors and his government team to negotiate with a number of military leaders in Tripoli for the sake of understanding, within the framework of his endeavors to take over after Dabaiba refused to hand over power.

218News learned that the Bashagha government team is working to communicate with a number of leaders of armed factions in Tripoli and Misurata, in order to build bridges and listen to concerns and fears, especially those related to the Commander-in-Chief of the Libyan National Army, Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar.

Armed factions are at the forefront of the scene as a major player in the chaotic scene, which prompted Bashagha to negotiate with them and deal with their demands as they impose a new status quo.

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