Bashagha seeks Turkey’s support to enter Tripoli

The French website “Africa Intelligence”, which is close to Western intelligence circles, revealed attempts led by Libyan Prime Minister Fathi Bashagha to win the support of Turkey and its President Erdogan.

The website added that Ankara received three figures’ delegation in support of Bashagha to meet with the advisors of the Turkish President and the Head of Turkish intelligence agency, Hakan Fidan, during the past days.

The delegation consisted of the former member of the Presidential Council, Ahmed Maiteeq, the former head of the National Council for Economic Development, Fadil Lamen, and the former diplomat and Minister of State in the government of Bashagha, Mohammed Farhat.

The mission of the delegation, which traveled to Turkey via Tunisia on a Turkish Airlines commercial flight, tried to persuade Turkey to withdraw its support for Dabaiba and instead  support the Bashagha government in light of an American desire to shift the Turkish position in favor of Bashagha, as the United States is betting on Turkish rapprochement with the House of Representatives and consensus regarding the formation of the government to expel Russian Wagner mercenaries stationed in Libya.

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