“Parliamentarians against Extension” decries HoR Speaker’s stance on political agreement

The “Parliamentarians Against Extension” bloc denounced the position of Parliament Speaker Aqila Saleh, and described it as negative and individualistic, regarding the implementation of the provisions of the political agreement included in the 12th amendment of the Constitutional Declaration, and what it considered as hindering  holding elections or attempting to single out the competence to form the committee without owning it and reducing the parliament and the diversity of its members and  presidency to his own self.

In a statement issued Friday from the capital, Tripoli, regarding the efforts of the UN adviser, Stephanie Williams, the bloc stressed the need for all members of Parliament to interact with the committee to facilitate its work and achieve the country’s supreme interest.

In their statement, the parliamentarians warned against the extension to disregard any previous positions, saying that the historical responsibility in this regard is borne by all members and is not limited to the presidency, with the aim of getting the country out of the actual political blockage and instability.

They blamed the United Nations mission for the failure to constantly identify with the behavior of the Speaker, who is non-transparenr and uses unconstitutional and illegal approaches. They also called on UNSMIL to select representatives of the House of Representatives in the committee again through the departments and communicate directly with members.

It is noteworthy that the “Parliamentarians Against Extension” bloc welcomed the initiative of the United Nations mission to Libya, and Williams, based on the text of Article 12 of the political agreement, to form a joint committee from the House of Representatives and High Council of State, with the aim of agreeing on a constitutional basis for the upcoming general elections.

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