Correspondent of 218 TV channels is still detained in Sirte over media coverage of its municipality’s work

On Saturday evening, a security force affiliated with the Internal Security Agency, Sirte branch, arrested the correspondent of 218 TV channels in Sirte, Ali Al-Rifawi.

According to Ali’s relatives, the commander of the security force informed them that the correspondent of 218 TV would be subject to detention and investigation because of what he described as “having completed media reports on the work of the Sirte municipality, which would mislead public opinion.”

In the face of this arbitrary arrest, which violates all laws of media and personal freedoms, the administration of 218 TV said it holds the Internal Security Agency in Sirte responsible for the safety of its reporter, and demands his immediate release, calling on all local and international human rights organizations to coordinate and work for his release.

In order to carry out its noble media message, the administration of 218 TV reaffirmed its neutrality in covering all events in Libya away from political strife and party affiliations, in an effort to provide an objective and impartial media service to the citizens, who have the right to obtain information.

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