Report: Fears that Libyan security situation will slip into confrontation

A report by the International Crisis Group warned of the return of conflict and violence to the fore in Libya, as the intensification of the recent political conflict between the Bashagha and Dabaiba governments, and the dispute over the constitutional basis continue.

The report pointed out that the dispute over the constitutional basis for elections and the conflict between the governments of Bashagha and Dabaiba cast a negative shadow on the situation in Libya, where the tensions between loyalists of the two governments represent a source of threat to the capital, Tripoli, at a time when the country is going through the absence of state manifestations and the spread of armed groups, which constitute a major obstacle, not only in the way of holding elections, but in the way of establishing security and stability.

It also sheds light on the southern region, whose integration into the political process is one of the obstacles to the political process. According to the report, which was based on observers’ fears of the foreign presence in the region, it is estimated that foreign fighters are at 7,000, which increases obstacles and threats to any democratic process in the country in the absence of any indications of withdrawing mercenaries.

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