French newspaper: Syrians transferred from Libya to fight in Ukraine

The French newspaper “Le Figaro” confirmed that Syrian mercenaries belonging to the Russian security company Wagner in Libya were transferred to Syria in preparation for sending them to Ukraine to support the Russian forces, according to the Syrians for Truth and Justice Organization.

Le Figaro added, according to the testimony of a Syrian guard working for an oil company near Benghazi, that a Russian officer came with a translator, and told a group of Syrians that they would be transferred to another place without specifying this place, and asked 25 of them to collect their things, to join later 150 other fighters at Benghazi airport. He has lost contact with all of them since that moment.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has previously announced that 16,000 Syrians are ready to fight alongside his soldiers, and information has been circulated that thousands of Syrians have registered their names in different parts of Syria to fight in Ukraine.

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