Source unveils to 218News truth behind clashes on Al-Sarim St. in Tripoli

An exclusive source told 218News that a batch of newly graduated intelligence agents, directly affiliated with Mustafa Kaddour under the command of Nidal Al-Darnawi, deployed in green military uniforms at Passports Building roundabout on Al-Sarim Street and set up a checkpoint in the area.

The source added that Abd al-Hamid Al-Madghouta , who is close to “Ghaniwa”, passed by the newly deployed gunmen and asked them to remove the checkpoint, but they refused to do so based on instructions from their leadership, which prompted Al-Madghouta to return with 40 vehicles, and then clashes took place that resulted in the killing of two intelligence elements, leading to the expansion of the circle of clashes between the two parties.

It is reported that the Stabilization Support Service issued a statement describing what happened as “a simple dispute between brothers, and it was controlled and resolved with the intervention of the wise and elders.”

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