Norland: US priority in Libya is seeing political consensus on holding elections

The US Ambassador to Libya Richard Norland affirmed that his country is working with the main actors in the Libyan situation in order to ensure the continuation of stability, stressing that Washington sees the inevitability of reaching sufficient political consensus, acceptance and credibility with a critical mass of the Libyan people throughout the country to reach elections.

This came after Norland held talks with Parliament Speaker Aqila Saleh in a phone call, which dealt with the current political situation and prospects for restoring momentum towards elections.

Norland pointed out that the dialogue touched on the efforts made to ensure that Libya’s vast oil wealth is not used for partisan political purposes, but rather to meet the most important needs of the people.

The US ambassador added: “We support the efforts of leaders, including Parliament Speaker Saleh, to agree on a Libyan-led mechanism to facilitate and monitor these expenditures, especially in light of the clarity of the end of the impasse that the executive authority has reached.”

Norland added that with the end of the preliminary stage of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum for a comprehensive solution approaching in June, It is more important than ever to organize elections that can move Libya beyond the endless cycle of transitional governments.

He encouraged the Speaker of the House of Representatives to continue to provide all necessary support to establish a constitutional and legal basis for the organization of elections as soon as possible in conjunction with the process facilitated by the United Nations.

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