Sign on historic Benghazi cathedral provokes angry reactions

A photo circulated on social media showing a sign reading the Imam Malik Ibn Anas Mosque hanging on the front of the Benghazi Cathedral, popularly known as the church, provoked condemning reactions among the city’s residents.

No official body adopted the step that many saw as an encroachment on the city’s civilized heritage and a deliberate obliteration of one of the most important iconic tourist attractions in the city of Benghazi, especially with the presence of a number of mosques near the site of the cathedral and its surroundings, which negates the need to create a mosque in the historical site.

This step also raises questions in light of the silence of the official authorities and their refusal to comment.

The cathedral, built by the Italians between 1929 and 1939, occupies a privileged place in the center of Benghazi, behind the Al-Jazira Palace Hotel and overlooking the seashore.

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