Egyptian security forces seize weapons shipment and drugs near Libyan border

The Egyptian border guards managed to seize a large shipment of weapons, ammunition and narcotics, while carrying out their tasks in the Great Sand Sea area, south of Siwa Oasis, adjacent to the Libyan border.

Aharq Al-Awasat News Agency said that the border guards seized two four-wheel drive vehicles without metal plates used by terrorist elements for border infiltration and smuggling, containing FN sniper rifles, two Kalashnikovs, 13 automatic rifles, 5 Beretta and RPG rifles and a 12-caliber machine gun. 7, 2 14,5 caliber machine guns, 8 automatic stores, as well as 162 rounds of different calibers, and a satellite phone.

The agency indicated that the force seized about one million drug tablets, as legal measures were taken against the smugglers within the framework of imposing security forces and imposing their control on all strategic directions to secure Egypt’s borders in conjunction with the intensification of the procedures and control of all ports and border crossings of the state.

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