Source to 218News: New movements by ISIS on “Sabha-Tripoli” road

A security source revealed to “218News” that Libyan citizens crossing the main road “Tripoli-Sabha” spotted a detention point at the memorial of the Battle of Marsit, 60 km south of Mizda, set up by ISIS terrorist elements, where they confiscated supplies and gasoline without any interference from the authorities.

According to the testimonies of citizens, these elements ask some passers-by questions about the security situation, the Skrij and Al-Shiqa gates, and the nature of the security presence there in terms of number and density.

Citizens from the Qibla area said that they crossed the road in the noon and late evening hours, and did not notice the presence of this point, which means that the presence of these elements was temporary before they disappeared in the mountains.

It is noteworthy that ISIS had crossed this road and at the same location years ago and kidnapped the assistant for security affairs, Major Amer al-Bakush, which resulted in a clash between the terrorist group and young men from the Qibla and al-Jabal areas in the Zamzam valley near Bani Walid while the terrorists were in the city of Sirte.

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