State of emergency declared in Sayyad area after armed clashes

The special force of Fursan Janzour Brigade declared a state of emergency in Sayyad area in anticipation of any further clashes following the unrest that took place on the road linking Al-Dawadi and the 17th Bridge, warning residents not to move in those areas.

The reason for the clashes is that the Special Deterrence Force arrested one of its wanted men, Walid Al-Kett, in the Sayyad area, due to cases he has been involved in since 2014.

After the Al-Kett was arrested, an armed group stationed at the Al-Dawadi traffic light intersection fired indiscriminately from time to time with light weapons, and the shooting continued until midnight, without knowing the reasons behind it, which led to the closure of shops.

This group stormed at midnight and advanced to the Mansouri intersection and robbed the shops, which prompted the Fursan Janzour Brigade to mobilize and respond to that, as clashes took place between the Brigade and an armed group from the Sayyad area after the arrival of support from the 55th Brigade of Muammar Al-Dhawi, noting that shops in the area continued to be closed.

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