Bashagha: Proposed budget draft guarantees fair and direct funds’ distribution to municipalities

Libyan Prime Minister Fathi Bashagha said that the proposed draft budget guarantees a fair and direct distribution to municipal councils.

In his speech during the meeting of the sovereign institutions with the Speaker of Parliament, Aqila Saleh, in the city of Sirte, Bashagha added that his government sought to present the state’s general budget proposal, taking into account the rationalization of spending and the reduction of the budget of the second item, stressing his keenness to cancel the emergency clause because it was used as a ploy against the law to dispose of billions of dinars without submitting the expenditure report to the supervisory authorities.

The Libyan Prime Minister indicated that his government intends to involve the private sector in development projects and the need to benefit from and encourage capital, businessmen and local companies and provide all facilitations  to contribute to alleviating the burdens on the public budget.

“In return, we create new jobs for young people to reduce unemployment rates and encourage young people to work production and create a competitive atmosphere.” He added.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives invited the heads of the boards of the Central Bank and the National Oil Corporation as well as the heads of the Audit Bureau and Administrative Control to attend the meeting in Sirte, but the Governor of the Central Bank, Al-Siddiq Al-Kabir, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Oil Corporation, Mustafa Sanalla, the Head of the Audit Bureau, Khaled Shakshak, and the Director of the Administrative Control Authority, Suleiman Shanti, were all absent without explaining the reasons that prevented them from attending the meeting.

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