Unity Government responds to HoR Speaker’s statement on working from Tripoli

The Libyan unity government rejected Tuesday what it said were the statements of the Speaker of the house of Representatives (HoR) about his call to enter Tripoli with fighting and war, according a Facebook post statement by the government spokesman Mohammed Hammouda.

The unity government reassured “all Libyan citizens that it will not allow any party to use force or violence for the sake of chaos and implement or impose its own political agendas by force.”

The statement concluded that the unity government warned against “the efforts of some parties to withdraw funds from citizens’ deposits in commercial banks, which they fear will be used to finance wars.”

Meanwhile, the statements of the unity government by its spokesman Hammouda come as the first reaction after the statements of HoR Speaker Aqila Saleh during his speech in the meeting he called for in the city of Sirte with the Libyan Prime Minister Fathi Bashagha and a number of ministers, on Tuesday, in which he indicated that Tripoli is under the control of armed groups and can only be entered by either fighting or the consent of those armed groups.

Saleh added that the government will be under those armed groups’ control in the capital and therefore to avoid bloodshed; Sirte in the center of the country is the guarantor solution for the government’s liberation from being controlled.

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