Greek FM: Turkey-Libya maritime MoU is both unlawful and illogical

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias renewed his attack on Turkish foreign policy, and on the joint memorandum of understanding signed with Libya on the demarcation of maritime areas, which he considered unlawful and illogical.

This came in a speech by Dendias during his participation in the annual General Assembly of the Business and Industries Association in Peloponnese and Western Greece, on the principles of Greek foreign policy and the current challenges in the city of Patras in the west of the country.

Dendias expressed his regret for the hostile approach and false allegations promoted by Ankara against his country, accusing the latter of ignoring the rights of Crete by signing the Memorandum of Understanding with Libya, saying   that its legal status is similar to Greece’s “assumed” signing of an “assumed” agreement with Spain that ignores Italy’s presence in the middle between the two countries.

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