Oil and Gas Ministry calls for reopening oilfields, warning of bankruptcy

The Ministry of Oil and Gas called on all actors in the Libyan political scene to open the oil fields and ports, to give priority to the interests of the country and to alleviate the suffering of citizens, warning of the danger of Libya’s bankruptcy and becoming indebted to the World Bank.

The ministry explained in a statement that these closures do not serve the national interest, and cause direct damage to the interests of Libyans who are eager to improve their conditions in light of the unprecedented rise in prices in global oil markets, in addition to missing profitable opportunities and wasting public treasury support and cash reserves in foreign currency.

It also confirmed that it had formed a committee since the beginning of the crisis of closing some oil fields and ports, and halting oil production and exports, to communicate with the wise, dignitaries and other parts of society in the south, west and east of the country, in order to show the negative effects of oil blockade on the national economy and the infrastructure.

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