Source to 218News: Tanker “Sofia” docks at Hariga oil port after hours of obstacles

A shipping source working at the Hariga port stated, in an exclusive statement to 218News on Monday, that the tanker “Sofia” had docked in preparation for the shipment of one million barrels of oil, after protesters in the port prevented it for hours from entering the docking area.

Protesters at Hariga port had confirmed, earlier this week, their rejection to export oil from the port until their demands were met, including the dismissal of the head of the National Oil Corporation, Mustafa Sanalla, and the fair management of oil revenues by the head of the unity government, Abdel Hamid Dbiebah, in addition to the employment of unemployed youth.

218News learned, earlier on Monday, that production from Al-Sarir field, which is operated and supervised by the Arabian Gulf Oil Company and pumps 125,000 barrels towards the Hariga port, has been completely stopped.

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