Turkish Parliament set to vote on extending Turkish forces’ mission in Libya

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan referred to the parliament’s presidency, on Monday, a memorandum extending the mission of the country’s forces in Libya for an additional 18 months.

The letter stated that “the efforts initiated by Libya after the events of February 2011 to build democratic institutions were in vain due to the armed conflicts that led to the emergence of a fragmented administrative structure in the country.”

It indicated that the aim of sending Turkish forces to Libya is “to protect national interests within the framework of international law and to take all necessary precautions against security risks emanating from illegitimate armed groups in Libya.”

The letter said that “the Turkish military presence comes to maintain security against other potential risks, such as mass migrations, providing humanitarian aid needed by the Libyan people, and providing the necessary support to the legitimate government in Libya.”

It called on Parliament to approve the extension of Turkish forces’ missions in Libya for an 18-month period, starting from July 2, 2022.

On January 2, 2020, the Turkish Parliament approved a one-year mandate for the deployment of Turkish forces in Libya, and then Ankara began a few days later to deploy its forces on Libyan soil.

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