Dabaiba: We can hold elections quickly if the attendees of Cairo talks agree

The Head of the unity government, Abdel Hamid Dabaiba, confirmed that his government will not allow a fourth war to take place in Libya, adding that stopping wars is a priority for his government.

Dabaiba added, in an interview with the French “jeune afrique” website, that the elections have always been a priority for the government, but its responsibility in the December 24 elections was very limited and was only to secure them, adding that the absence of an agreed law or constitutional basis is what disrupted the elections Which falls under the duties of the legislature.

Dabaiba confirmed that all political bodies are behind their schedule, adding that his government is waiting for the House of Representatives and the High Council of State to complete their tasks during their meeting in Cairo under the auspices of the UN Adviser, in order to prepare for the elections.

He pointed out that the work of the unity government begins after the completion of the constitutional basis, as the government cannot pass laws on behalf of the two chambers, but it tried to push the process forward by proposing a draft election law.

Dabaiba noted his government’s ability to organize elections within a month or two in the event that the Cairo meetings reached an election law, but if the State and Parliament did not reach consensus on a constitutional basis; citizens will be invited to demonstrate and express their desire to hold elections, as it is not possible to wait indefinitely.

He added that the problem is not with the government, but between the House of Representatives and the High Council of State, noting that even if Fathi Bashagha took over as prime minister, this would not mean the immediate issuance of the election law and the constitutional basis, adding that the High Council of State exceeded its legal term 6 years ago and the House of Representatives expired years ago, saying that the elections will end all bodies, especially the unity government.

When asked about the recent Tripoli clashes; Dabaiba said that the preliminary results of the investigations confirmed that the perpetrators were hired, noting at the same time that Osama Juwaili is trying to demonstrate his strength, but he will not go further.

He added that the solution is not in his hands alone, and that the armed groups are in dialogue with one other, saying that he did not participate in their dialogues as prime minister.

Regarding the oil closure, Dabaiba said that the central bank has reserves of 50 billion dollars, and gas production is still continuing, which will help withstand this ordeal.

With regard to the electricity crisis, Dabaiba indicated that no maintenance has been carried out for the stations for 10 years, and some stations are more than 40 years old, which has taken them out of service.

He confirmed that the government spent an amount of one billion dinars on periodic maintenance of electrical stations, but there is difficulty in obtaining spare parts because it is old.

He added that the hours of load shedding will be reduced starting in July if the new stations in Tobruk, Misrata and Janzour are operating, but the interruptions will not disappear completely as a number of stations are still needed to cover the deficit.

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