Tunisia hosts meetings to unify sovereign oversight institutions

The activities of the work program of the Higher Committee for the Unification of Sovereign Institutions were launched in Tunisia, headed by the Director of the National Planning Council, Miftah al-Harir, and in cooperation with the United Nations Development Program in Libya and the United States Institute of Peace.

The meetings, which will continue until June 21, aim to begin unifying the sovereign oversight institutions, which include the Audit Bureau and the Administrative Control Authority.

The first meeting witnessed a response from the participants with the aim of resolving the outstanding problems that hinder the work of unifying these two institutions, stressing the continuation of work to end the institutional division in the Audit Bureau and the Administrative Control Authority.

It will included a research paper by Abdullah Al-Hassi, a member of the Institutional Unification Committee, in which he reviewed the forms and types of division and their impact on the national economy, as well as work performance.

On the other hand, the Egyptian capital is hosting the work of the third round of the joint committee of members of the House of Representatives and the High Council of State within the meetings of the constitutional track with the aim of reaching a constitutional basis. Cairo also hosts the meetings of the joint military commission with the aim of unifying the military institution, dissolving armed groups and expelling mercenaries from the country.

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