Libya is among most dangerous destinations due to spread of Coronavirus

The US Center for Disease Control ranked Libya among the most dangerous destinations, due to the spread of the Coronavirus, on the travel risk scale, as it came in the fourth most dangerous place, while Tunisia came in the third level and Egypt in the second level.

Based on the data issued by the National Center for Disease Control, the epidemiological situation in Libya is still classified in the case of community spread, as the total infections amounted to 352,881 cases and the number of deaths 4,982, while the weekly average of the number of cases reached 612 cases per day compared to the number of cases recorded last week, with a decrease of 2% to stabilize the scale of the level of positive cases on a weekly average of 15%.

Death monitoring centers for Coronavirus, affiliated with the National Center, recorded an increase in the number of deaths, reaching 20 cases per day, as the cities of Tripoli, Ajdabiya and Kufra took the lead locally, with more than 100 cases per 100,000 citizens.

According to the center, this week, the epidemiological situation is witnessing stability in positive cases at 15% and a decrease in deaths by 4%.

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