Aramco attacks: An oil crisis that didn’t last long

World oil markets have seen lately some fluctuations after the drone attacks on two Aramco oil facilities I’m Saudi Arabia, which is the largest oil exporter in the world.

The attacks dropped Saudi oil production by 50% as 5.7 million barrels per day had gone off the output line, thus sending some uneasy concerns around the world and accusations to Iran as being behind the two attacks.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Energy Abdelaziz bin Salman said Aramco had regained half of the lost production capacity and that oil output in the Kingdom will return to normal in two weeks, while Aramco’s CEO, Ameen Al-Nasser said the company has become stronger than ever after the attacks.

Al-Nasser said the ones behind the attacks could not achieve their aim, which was to massively damage Aramco facilities, adding in a letter on the National Day of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that is celebrated on September 23 that they had brought thousands of employees from other projects to help the damaged facilities regain production capacity, adding that they are importing equipment from the US and Europe to reconstruct the destroyed parts of the facilities.

He also said that this great effort of the company and its personnel has reduced damages to the world oil markets and world economy.

Whether this attack was done by Iran or not Saudi Arabia has proved immune to such sabotage acts by the cooperative work between administration and personnel to recover production.

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